Thursday, September 24, 2009

18 Reasons to Oppose Health Care Reform

1. Although efforts have been made to reform the healthcare industry

since 1912, we should not be too hasty in enacting change.

2. The federal government has no business interfering in people's

healthcare decisions, unless a woman is trying to terminate a

pregnancy, or the patient’s last name is Schiavo.

3. The government is incapable of running anything efficiently, and if

allowed to offer a healthcare option, will run it so efficiently that

it will put private insurers out of business.

4. We are a Christian nation, and we don’t believe in helping the

least among us. Some people just don’t deserve healthcare. Getting

sick is God's punishment for doing something wrong.

5. The current system, with 47,000,000 uninsured, a million medical

bankruptcies annually, and 18,000 deaths annually due to lack of

insurance, is working just fine. In fact, we have the best health care

system in the world!

6. Even though many older couples are forced to divorce in order to

avoid catastrophic financial losses due to medical expenses, it’s the

homosexuals who are destroying families.

7. A conversation with your doctor about end-of-life issues is an

opportunity for your doctor to convince you to kill yourself.

8. We can afford to spend more on our military than all other nations

combined, but we can’t afford universal health care.

9. Single-payer, government-run healthcare is good enough for our

men and women in uniform, but to offer the same to the general public

would be socialism.

10. Pooling our resources to provide roads, schools, clean water,

military, police, and fire protection for each other is not socialism.

Pooling our resources to provide each other health care is socialism.

11. Socialism is bad. Very bad. Bad!

12. Health care is an issue best handled by individual states; like


13. We can afford to subsidize Iraq and Afghanistan ,

both of whom have universal healthcare, but we can’t afford it ourselves.

14. Money and corporate profits are more important than people's

health. Sure, reforming the insurance companies would save thousands

of lives, but shareholders’ portfolios might be damaged.

15. Freeing people from holding on to their dead-end jobs for the

insurance and allowing them to become entrepreneurs would bankrupt

our country.

16. Someone like physicist Stephen Hawking would have been allowed to

die under the British healthcare system. Oh, he’s British? And alive?

Never mind.

17. We already have universal health care: it’s called the Emergency

Room. Uninsured people can go there for all their health needs

(checkups, cancer pre-screening, chemotherapy, etc.), and it only costs the taxpayers a few thousand dollars per visit.

18. The Obama healthcare initiative is part of the liberal- communist-Nazi-socialist-Islamofascist-gay-atheist-zombie-transsexual-cannibal- sociopath-evolutionist indoctrinating school children agenda to take away your freedom!

Fran Yehle

And now Ladies and Gentlemen, Billionaires for Wealth Care

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