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18 Reasons to Oppose Health Care Reform

1. Although efforts have been made to reform the healthcare industry

since 1912, we should not be too hasty in enacting change.

2. The federal government has no business interfering in people's

healthcare decisions, unless a woman is trying to terminate a

pregnancy, or the patient’s last name is Schiavo.

3. The government is incapable of running anything efficiently, and if

allowed to offer a healthcare option, will run it so efficiently that

it will put private insurers out of business.

4. We are a Christian nation, and we don’t believe in helping the

least among us. Some people just don’t deserve healthcare. Getting

sick is God's punishment for doing something wrong.

5. The current system, with 47,000,000 uninsured, a million medical

bankruptcies annually, and 18,000 deaths annually due to lack of

insurance, is working just fine. In fact, we have the best health care

system in the world!

6. Even though many older couples are forced to divorce in order to

avoid catastrophic financial losses due to medical expenses, it’s the

homosexuals who are destroying families.

7. A conversation with your doctor about end-of-life issues is an

opportunity for your doctor to convince you to kill yourself.

8. We can afford to spend more on our military than all other nations

combined, but we can’t afford universal health care.

9. Single-payer, government-run healthcare is good enough for our

men and women in uniform, but to offer the same to the general public

would be socialism.

10. Pooling our resources to provide roads, schools, clean water,

military, police, and fire protection for each other is not socialism.

Pooling our resources to provide each other health care is socialism.

11. Socialism is bad. Very bad. Bad!

12. Health care is an issue best handled by individual states; like


13. We can afford to subsidize Iraq and Afghanistan ,

both of whom have universal healthcare, but we can’t afford it ourselves.

14. Money and corporate profits are more important than people's

health. Sure, reforming the insurance companies would save thousands

of lives, but shareholders’ portfolios might be damaged.

15. Freeing people from holding on to their dead-end jobs for the

insurance and allowing them to become entrepreneurs would bankrupt

our country.

16. Someone like physicist Stephen Hawking would have been allowed to

die under the British healthcare system. Oh, he’s British? And alive?

Never mind.

17. We already have universal health care: it’s called the Emergency

Room. Uninsured people can go there for all their health needs

(checkups, cancer pre-screening, chemotherapy, etc.), and it only costs the taxpayers a few thousand dollars per visit.

18. The Obama healthcare initiative is part of the liberal- communist-Nazi-socialist-Islamofascist-gay-atheist-zombie-transsexual-cannibal- sociopath-evolutionist indoctrinating school children agenda to take away your freedom!

Fran Yehle

And now Ladies and Gentlemen, Billionaires for Wealth Care

Monday, September 7, 2009




Rag Doll livin' in a movie, Hot tramp Daddy's little cutie

You're so fine they'll never see ya leavin' by the back door, ma’am

Hot time get it while it's easy, Don't mind come on up and

see me. Rag Doll baby won't you do me like you done before


In the classic years, the perfect US white woman measured 36-24-36” as did Marilyn Monroe and the pinups of previous generations (although the average white American female was around 35-27-37. Barbie, introduced in the late 1950s, if she were life size would be 39-23-33. In 1997 Barbie had her 3rd plastic surgery to align herself more with young women, but she has not kept up with the times since by 2004, the average American woman: 40-34-43.



Oh, you beautiful doll!
You great, big, beautiful doll!
If you ever leave me how my heart would ache,
I want to hug you but I fear you'd break




I'm tired of cry-y-yin', and all her lie-ie-iein'. That's why I'm buy-y-in'

A china doll.

Her eyes are blu-u-uer. Her faults are few-ewer. Her lips are tru-uer

My china doll

I'd rather have a doll of clay

That I could call my own

Than someone else just like you

With a heart of stone

She'll never lea-eave me

She'll not decei-eive me

And never grie-ieve me

My china doll





You used to be my party doll.
But now you say the party’s over.

You used to be my party doll, party doll, party doll,

but now you say the party’s over.




Got myself a cryin', talkin', sleepin', walkin', livin' doll

Got to do my best to please her just cos she's a livin' doll

Got a rovin' eye and that is why she satisfies my soul

Got the one and only walkin', talkin', livin' doll

Take a look at her hair, it's real If you don't believe what I say, just feel

I'm gonna lock her up in a trunk so no big hunk can steal

her away from me.





All I want is a party doll to come along with me when I'm feelin' wild

To be everlovin', true, and fair, to run her fingers through my hair.

Come along and be my party doll, Come along and be my

party doll, Come along and be my party doll, And I'll make love

to you, to you. I saw the kind of a gal I'd love to meet

She had blonde hair and eyes of blue. Baby,

I wanna have a party with you.





Cherished or Not,

the Signifier or the Signified

Equipped With

Sports wear

Evening gowns

Business suits





Beach towels





Tea sets








Or Not


with Love Or Not

Manifesting…….over thousands of years ago as shadow puppets in Asia, a panoply of characters rife with life conveying chronicles as they silently stalked across soft lit walls. Moving across Europe in the 1700s, purveyors of culture, paper dolls acted upon paper stages, questing amid universal themes, contemplating life and death, love and betrayal, meaning and purpose…….

What fine dolls, as thought grew, so carefully designed and cut, embellished with handmade gowns made with bits of silk, lace cut Valentines, glittery department store packing tissue, and the fragile—kept between the pages of books, preserving dreams of lives to be—for the fortunate.

The not so favored, be they paper or fabric, wood or plastic

—the rest—

the laboring preponderance,

the replicating bulk,

as the heedless abscission neuronitically unfolds, evolving

(or not)

across vast centuries,

Begot BY the Bovinely-minded Bludgbeater-handed—







Breeder-spawner-makers quarried the USA-grade street slop off their shoes: tissue thin newsprint, toilet paper, raw pulp—thin skin—flesh grighed ‘n crumpchled into terrolyzed folds.


Oversized hands


smash a crooked face
not caring if
a leg left dangling
from paper tendon fiber hooks
tork twisted hips.
Webbed fingers? Of no consequence.

Razored corners where curves could be

attention shifted; half-cuts inflicted.

just pulp

and more where it came from.

Fist press

Good enough for pulp fiction

Scars, threnody-dreams, contorted myths in the wind with every moan



dolls cannibalizing their own parts for dreams they do not understand

and have no eyes to see

acidic leakage? Slather with perfume.

skinned anorexic to the core? Drape with Versace.

A soul squeezed to paper width? Anyone notice?

Jacked out eyes? Buy colored contact lenses.

Trapped in a formula tale, pages stuck together—

only rape can open them.

Mutilated—don’t mourn:
dolls come in dozens—

and the market needs only a few not mangled.

Note: not on the list are Male Dolls, most commonly plastic, most commonly with weapon accessories & one set of clothing—logo attached—a 20th century assault on the male ego, but not to be called dolls. (See, Toy Biz v. United States)

They are action figures.” The Court of International Trade determined that Toy Biz’ action figures were toys, not dolls, but "nonhuman creatures." To save money, Marvel Comics subsidiary Toy Biz argued that their action figures (i.e., X-Men and Fantastic Four) represented "nonhuman creatures" and thus subject to the lower tariff rates for toys, shocking fans since a common theme in Marvel Comics had been the struggle for mutants like the X-Men to prove their humanity. Fans expected more? G.I. Joe, modeled from a very human soldier, willing to die for his country, is not considered human enough to be a doll either. He, too, is just an “action figure,” even when he bleeds red on battle fields for wars he doesn’t believe in, and in the metaphoric battle of good and evil, the franchises are making a killing.

As his action friends have developed more musculature over time, rivaling those of even the largest human bodybuilders, so US males struggle, like many of their female counterparts, with body dsymorphia, eating disorders, and physical insecuritylost in the protean dreamish/nightmarish abscission fighting amid the dolls.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A New Look at an Old Post - Update

Update to Venom in the Veins: the racial issues that will continue to plague us until we are all truly informed about the past and present racism in this country:

In this time quickly labeled post-racial America, now that we have a Black president (more accurately, biracial), so many are eager to use him to ignore the poison running through our veins. In our wonderful post-racial coitus world, a summer camp of black children were denied use of a swimming pool they had contracted for before their “race” was known, and over 60% of African-American mortgage applicants were and are deliberately, systemically steered into “sub prime” predatory mortgage loans.

According to well-known studies by the Federal Reserve Board and the Center for Responsible Lending (CRL), African Americans are 250% more likely to get a loan with an "exploding interest" clause than white borrowers - and the higher the income and the better the credit rating of a Black borrower, the more likely the discrimination.

And our esteemed president who once gave a speech broaching this carnivorous issue still gripping our nation? He smiles, grins, and gazes proudly upon Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, an honored guest of the Board of Directors of JP Morgan, owner of one of the most outrageous of the financial predators, Washington Mutual (Morgan/WaMu)—and as of last week, it just so happens that the NAACP is suing J.P. Morgan for "systematic, institutionalized racism in making home mortgage loans."

And the outrage over Henry Louis Gates being denied his 1st amendment rights by an obviously too powerful police person, was that really about racism? Or was that more about class. For in this country we worship money. And while Obama used to walk through the neighborhoods made destitute by the financiers he now pals with, he does nothing so simple as putting conditions on the banks being bailed out. No, he has once again made clear what he holds dear now. Even as he did when he chose the very architects of the financial crisis to guide us through it with the same policies that caused it, so has he shown again and again: class and money matter more to him than justice and addressing the race hatred still coursing through the hate breeding beast we call America.


in the


It’s my property! Why, I paid $985 for this here piece of flesh, and I have the right to do what I want with it.

Pounded under the slave block’s gavel,

bid-$1-2-430 bid-$2-4-580 bid-$3-4-850 bid-$5-6-1,000

& Sold, & Sold, & Sold, & Sold,

heart beats, heart beats, heart beats, heart beats

Four million hearts beating


For Life

For Greed

For Lust


the rhythm of planting, picking—


Turned into MONEY,


Poured into crops,

Fusing with the dirt


Raining from the sky—

Southern trees bore a strange fruit

Blood on the leaves and blood at the root,

Black bodies swinging in the Southern breeze,

Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees.

Across the street,

in the White Churches,





So if’in I want to rape it, hate it, mutilate it, that ain’t none of your business. I can even kill it if I want to ‘cause it’s mine, and you can’t stop me. Though me killin’ it would mean I was downright crazy given what I just paid for it. But when it gets old and useless, and I’ve gotten my money’s worth, I just might hunt it for fun. Now you just get on out of my way before I start to showin’ my hate for you, you anti-Christian piece of Northern trash! It’s in the Bible; they’re heathens, savages, inferior, don’t believe in Jesus, and even when converted, they still the sons of Ham. My preacher taught me the word of God. He should know. God’s never wrong, and We Southerners have God on our sidde [ssssss-slap]

God on our siiiiid- [sssss-slap]

God on our siiii- [ssss-slap]

God on our sssss- [ssss-slap]

God on ouuur- [ssss-slap]

God onnn -[ssss-slap]

“Oh, yes ye converted heathen, God has a message for thee; be meek and mild my child in the face of thy travails. Submit and repent; think only of Heaven, not this world, and the next will be yours.”

So said the Southern Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, and cohorts.

(and the country whispers but that was so long ago; that was not us; I’m not to blame…. but look and listen and understand it is here now; it is racism; it is killing you, me, the haters and the hated—and yes, even most the ones that stand by, doing nothing)

The vomiting has begun


The bile is rising


The venom in the veins

Courses hardy


Throbbing, pulsing


Lub dub, Lub dub, Lub dub:

The throb of life calling for

MURder, MURder, MURder, MURder

chanting in a viperous tongue

slithering from

the Reptilian brain,



K I L L.

When did slavery end?

When did it end?

Physical fact,


State of mind?




As law?


Law enforcement?

But only the sightless believe

It ended in 1864.

Jim Crow’s reign, segregation, culture of terror, KKK, politicians, Good-White-Men-with-Family-Values. Black ink on White paper records 3,437 African-American lynched up to 1951. Not recorded: every Beating, Stabbing, Crippling, Broken bone, Fried human, Burnt house, Vigilantes Hunting in packs…..

Rising in the pride of the South, strong in their conviction, pleased with their Tradition, Southern Governors and Senators spoke out for what their cold, lizard hearts and squalid eyes and fetid brains claimed as Truth. the “Negro” is inferior. With God (& their ‘way of life’) on their side, they made sure no African American sat on a jury; lynchings took place with impunity as community picnic entertainment, photographed with pride—placed in the family album next to the wedding reception.

(and the country whispers….but that was so long ago… that was not us; I’m not to blame…. but mark and listen and understand it is here now; it is racism; it is killing you, me, the haters and the hated—the Lovers and the Loved—and yes, even most, the ones that stand by, doing nothing)

Woodrow Wilson, a racist Enforcer, segregated the federal government: 1902-1910. One man—the country followed.

1955, a 14-year-old Chicago boy visiting in Mississippi crossed an invisible “white’s only” boundary he didn’t even know existed. His punishment: eyes gouged out, beaten to death, then, finally, shot in the head, thrown into the Tallahatchie River, a 75-pound fan tied around his neck with barbed wire weighing his small body down. Only 54 years ago (and the country pretends… it was so long ago…but oh how wrong we are. It happened during my lifetime. And it was not the end.). Two men arrested, not held or punished; the haters enforced their reign of terror, and J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI promulgated hate, intimidating civil rights workers, giving aid to lynchers, discrediting Martin Luther King, Jr., serving him up to the murdering mob.

1968, only 41 years ago, racism killed Martin Luther King, Jr.

1981, two KKK members in Alabama randomly chose to lynch 19-year-old Michael Donald. For the very first time, the killers were found guilty, but the prosecutor has been number 1 on the Aryan Nation hit list ever since. 1981, Only 28 years ago, during the lives of my children.

I beheld my caring, open-hearted lover


Every month, every week, every day, every hour

We strolled through a store

Sat together for coffee—or more.

Eyes glided blankly past her to see only me,

Ask me what I wanted

Fuss over me

Serve me

While she stood next to me:





Except in the Glares of the Police.

The Stares of the Guards

The Malevolence of the Whites

Sniggering, Blithering

As we passed by.

I learned to read

The nerve-quickened pulsing

at the edge

Of her jaw,

The muscles set










her throbbing, open heart


1998, three men, all members of a white supremacist prison gang, murdered James Byrd, Jr., a 49-year-old Texas father of three, who had accepted an early-morning ride home from work with the three men. Because it’s what white racists do, they attacked him, dragging him to his death behind their truck, then moseyed off to a barbecue. 1998, only 11 years ago, as the radical Christian Right gained its stranglehold on the Republican party, fought for religion in politics, anti-immigration, anti-gay, anti-everything “not them.” They’ve perfected the attack ad, blaming the “other,” hunting the scapegoat, preying on and harnessing the collective ugliness within us. And as they’ve discovered, there is more than enough to destroy this country without the need of a nuclear bomb. (and the country ignores….IT is not going away…IT grows on hate, and the agony is ascending once again, again, and again, flooding the land.)

Finally, on June 13, 2005, the US Senate formally apologized for its failure to previously enact a Federal anti-lynching law. All earlier attempts had been defeated by filibusters by powerful Southern senators. 2005, only 4 years ago (and the country sighs, it is over…Oh, how very wrong are we. Look anywhere; there IT is).

And once again the lynching comes

as mobs find courage in numbers.

Have Faith for Faith’s sake,

preserve Tradition for Tradition’s sake

Hate for Hate’s sake

With God, Government, and Police on their side.

For as far back as we have evidence, humans have practiced human sacrifice: scapegoats, the pariah, the “other” to put upon them the blame and shame of the community, to be the sacrifice for the sins of all, originally to drive them out of the community and leave them to die—or ritually kill them in cleansing ceremonies. Human sacrifice for the rest of our sakes; human sacrifice to the gods. The one we know best is the dying/rising god, the god that promises immortality. The names may change but the promise of sin-free immortality remains the same: Osiris, Dionysus, Tammuz, Odin, Ishtar, Persephone, Baal—Jesus. Christians say Jesus is the last; THEY say Jesus took the sins of all so no one else would have to suffer; THEY say they follow him….and yet…and yet….and yet, THEY continue scape-goating—sacrificing others, projecting fears, hatred, anger, perverted thoughts onto entire populations.

What an excuse to commit genocide (Indians, Jews, Blacks, Muslims, Immigrants—take your pick).

What an excuse to kill ( so many to choose from).

What an excuse to be a vigilante (a buffet of life to slaughter).

What an excuse for murdering in the name of love.


The psychosis of humanity made manifest, running amuck, ranting, wrecking, reeking havoc, assaulting, lynching, Effacing to avoid facing themselves.

Playing God, they slaughter.

The herd hunts again,

Rulers of Deceit:

The Rogue and the Righteous

—The McPalins of the World—

Forging the grandiose


To Feast,


in rancid lies




Sludge in the drains—the slime—

Lining the social plumbing,

Lurking in the twisted shadows

Out of sight



Out of mind.

Left too long to rot and mold

In the grime

of history


Bubbles in repression,

Churns sour in our souls,

Flings out its tentacles for the light of day

Births hate from guilt,

Pain from shame,

Displaced blame gobbles the refusal to atone

No matter how hard we try to scrub the claims of conscience away,



Our Nemesis,

Our cyanide rage,

Our Gangrenous hate.

Crawling on the unmasked:


Church members,







Beasts craving to be fed Again




Their Country,


Their Young.

(With God on their side)

Thanks to:

Abel Meeropol for the lyrics Strange Fruit

The Southern Poverty Law Center:

Morris Dees, Joseph J. Levin, Jr., and Julian Bond,

Billie Holiday, Bessie Smith, all those who’ve been hurt & still will,

All who’ve fought and still continue to

Charging Shame to:

All that aid & abet fear of those who are different

All that feed off hate

All that incite violence against those who disagree

All that are complicitous, consciously or not